INTRODUCING: A Brand New Way To Plan Your Content
54 Social Media Content Prompts
For Your Online Business!
Let’s face it, you’re stuck with what content to post on your social media!

You stare at your blank screen CLUELESS with what to say and what your audience even wants to hear from you!

You hit writer's block DAILY which makes you feel like you’re failing when it comes to sharing your message!

It doesn’t have to be this hard!

One thing that is going to get your business noticed in today’s climate is CONTENT and I want to help you create unlimited content at scale so you can reach more people and make more money in your business!!

There is an abundance of revenue and profit waiting to be unlocked as soon as you start sharing more of what matters on social media!
So let me ask you...
  Do you struggle with knowing WHAT Content to post on your social media?
  Do you often find yourself staring at a blank screen with ZERO ideas?
  Do you wish you just overflowed with inspiration that you always had great Content to put out there?
Your solution is here!
The Simple Content Card Deck contains 54 Content prompts to support you in creating Captivating, Consistent and Relevant Content for your Online Business with ease at the pull of a card!

Use these cards daily, weekly or monthly to plan out your content and increase your visibility, as well as creating Content that speaks to your ideal client to Build Your Brand, Grow Your Audience and Increase Leads & Sales!
Who needs these cards..?
Anyone with a business who markets online using social media and wants to build their brand, reach more people and make more money!

It is my mission for EVERY online business to have a deck on their desk so there is always a flow of content on their platforms. No business should ever run dry of things to say and I want to make sure YOU are always marketing!

These cards are your 'go-to' for Content ideas, with prompts that really work!

“Having these cards is a no brainer!”

How To Use The Deck...



Shuffle the deck and pick a random card for 1 Content prompt if you are feeling stuck or want some guidance.



Pick 3 cards from the shuffled deck for 3 Content ideas you can use in 1 day if you want to triple down on your visibility.



Shuffle the deck and lay out 7 cards to map out 7 days worth of content. (14 cards if you want 2 pieces of Content per day.)



Shuffle the deck and lay out 30 cards to map out 30 days worth of Content.

You can try all 4 ways to plan your Content and go with the one that works best for you!

The most important thing is that you are consistently creating and posting Content. Using the Deck will take the thinking out for you!

You will soon realise that everyday is a Content day and there is Content in absolutely everything!
JoJo Graham is an Online Business Mentor and Coach who specialises in Creative and Storytelling Marketing and is an expert in Business, having a degree in Business Management and more than 5 years Business experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning and Marketing, she is also a Mum to her 4 year old son Noah.
One of the things she is passionate about is supporting people in creating captivating content to build their business and make more money! She has worked with hundreds of people in doing so through her live workshops, courses and programs. It is her mission to get this Simple Content Card Deck in the hands of every business across the globe who wants to market online with a mix of strategy and ease to help them thrive in the digital space! She is also the founder of The Simple Business Lounge and runs a 6 figure business by going all in to support people around the world grow and scale their business using her expertise. She is now on a mission to inspire and empower as many people as she possibly can to do what they love, create a life of freedom and give them permission to be successful.

JoJo Graham

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